6 tips for growing basil like a boss

Photo by Stephanie Studer on Unsplash

1) Water. water deeply, water regularly, and water often.

2)  Movement. lightly ruffle the leaves with your hands to stimulate growth as you go past. The breeze helps but this is especially important if you're growing indoors

3) ditch the flowers. If you start to see flowers at the top of your basil plant, pinch it off. Left on, it focus on spreading seed = less leaves yummy for you.

4) foooood... aka fertilizer - either buy some plant food or a little bit of coffee grounds to fertilize with instead. Keep in mind a little goes a long way, so just a little.

5) companion planting. Whenever I cook with tomatoes then chances are I’m using basil too. WE like them together but turns out THEY grow better together. There are other great combinations, but this is an easy one to remember. (And delicious 😁)

6) let the sun shine! Your basil likes about 6 hours of sunlight a day.

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