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Like having a personal gardener in your pocket

Using smart technology, we take the guesswork out of growing food.

   After 2 years of building and testing, and building, then more testing (and lots of coffee)...

We're almost ready! Ready to make your life easier and garden fuller. Using smart technology, we've helped hundred's of test gardeners grow fresh food just steps from their kitchen and we're excited to welcome more...but just a few. Humbly, we're starting small to ensure we deliver big. That's why we're limiting access to only 50 members per city, so pre-order yours today.  

How it Works


Pre-Order for an exclusive VIP bundle including:

  • Early Access: Get access first! Pre-ordering ensures you're part of the action, not the wait-list.  Estimated access for pre-ordered members is June 2020.

  • Exclusive Access: As a VIP member, you get behind the scenes access and a vote on future features and services. 

  • Event Access: VIP's get free access to "Ask the Expert" events and classes. 



Planning System

Designs you a custom gardening layout & schedule in just minutes!

  • Indoor & outdoor garden friendly

  • Choose from over 45 veggies and herbs to grow.

  • Incorporates companion planting for a healthy garden 

  • Optimizes your garden for success, fun and fresh food production.



All pricing in USD

Coaching System

AI powered coaching that guides you for success. Stress less, grow more!

  • Works with your own plan.

  • Prompts you when it's time to water, prune, harvest and more then show you how.

  • Alerts you about weather you need to know about, then shows you how to respond for your garden.



All pricing in USD

Garden Bundle

Like having a personal gardener. Yes, you can grow fresh food at home!

  • Includes the planning system, helping you plan what to grow, when and where.

  • PLUS, the AI powered Coaching  system to guide you.

  • Garden with ease, using smart (and fun!) technology. 



All pricing in USD

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