Like having a personal gardener in your pocket


say hello to your virtual gardening coach

Smart, easy to use (and slightly cheeky), Garden Manager creates you a custom step-by-step program that guides you through growing fresh food at home.


Learning your favorite foods, garden specifications and local weather, your new handheld garden expert shows you what to plant when, and where to plant it - taking into account companion planting, and other great tricks to help you get the most from your garden. As your food grows, we'll be there for you with proactive notifications and how-to guidance that help your garden thrive.


yes, you can keep it alive...

we'll make it easy


take the guesswork out of growing food

​Smart (and slightly sassy) technology on a mission to make growing fresh food easy, affordable and fun. Stress less and play in the garden more - your virtual gardener can help! 

“I love how it knows what I need to do, so I don’t have to. No more research or guessing, just gardening.”

- Thanh - 

“Totally amazed. I could kill a cactus, yet you helped me grow brussel sprouts on my balcony. Amazing!”

- Bernie -

"So fun! Did you know carrots look little trees in the ground? I didn’t! Thank you, I love my garden!"  

- Abby - 

oh, the possibilities!

Three membership's to choose from, each designed to make your life easier and garden fuller. We're starting small to ensure we deliver big, with memberships limited to just a small group.  Pre-sales are available now for those wanting to ensure they get a membership.  

If the membership you want in isn’t available, sign up for our newsletter to get the inside scoop on when space opens, or explore our guides and resources in the meantime.

Est. delivery: May/June 2020. Pricing in $US


Garden Manager learns about your space, climate and favorite foods to create a layout and schedule tailored to you and optimized for greater success.

spend less time planning and more time playing




Have your own plan and just want coaching? We can help. Time to thin your carrots? Weird weather on the way? We track it all, so you don’t have to, providing you the notifications and how-to's to help your garden thrive.

stress less and grow more. We know how, so you don't have to




Combining the Planning and Coaching systems, your Success Bundle guides you from planning to harvest with a custom step-by-step program, proactive notifications, and helpful how too's tailored to you and your garden.

have it all, with the best-of-both success bundle





(+ a gift, on us!)

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