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Like having a personal gardener in your pocket

- growing something tasty just got easier -

everything you wish you knew

Digital, fun and interactive, your AI powered virtual gardening coach (Hi – that’s me!) takes the guesswork out of growing food. 


I'll learn about your garden, your favorite foods and even local weather, then recommend what could thrive in your space, when to grow it and even plan an optimized layout…then guide you toward success. Backyard to balcony, I have you covered.

Humbly, I'm starting small to ensure I deliver big. That's why I'm limiting memberships this spring to a small group. Want access? RSVP today.  


yes, you can keep it alive...

I'll make it easy


your digital garden coach

​Smart (and slightly sassy) technology on a mission to make growing fresh food easy, affordable and fun. Stress less and play in the garden more - I'll help! 

“I love how it knows what I need to do, so I don’t have to. No more research or guessing, just gardening.”

- Thanh - 

“Totally amazed. I could kill a cactus, yet you helped me grow brussel sprouts on my balcony. Amazing!”

- Bernie -

"So fun! Did you know carrots look little trees in the ground? I didn’t! Thank you, I love my garden!"  

- Abby - 

(all pricing is in $US)

membership options will be

Planning System

Spend less time planning, and more time playing – I'll help. I’ll learn about your space, climate and favorite foods, then create a layout and schedule optimized for your success



Coaching System

Have your own plan? I can work with that! Time to thin your carrots, or expecting weather that’ll impact your veggies? You may not know, but I will.  I'll then  let you know when and how.



Success Bundle

Garden with ease (and fun!) with your personal garden manager. Combining the planning and coaching systems, I’ll simplify gardening so you stress less and grow more.




 - grow something yummy -